AlaCher Cavaliers

Bred for Health and Temperament

In 1992 we rescued Sailor, our first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

We called Sailor our Comfort Package. This was before we knew the breed was called the Comforter Spaniel.

7 years after his untimely passing, my husband and I were ready at last to open our hearts to a new Cavalier puppy. We sought out a humane and ethical breeder, finding one licensed by the USDA where we purchased Annie. Soon after we found out what it meant to be a USDA breeder and were not happy with what we learned.

AlaCher is born out of the desire to join in the collective effort to create a healthier outlook for the precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This is achieved by carefully breeding dogs that are tested for health, choosing parents with known pedigrees and judging for breed conformation. Disease and genetic flaws will never be eradicated, but affiliated Cavalier breeders have seen improvement on the health issues we've turned our attention to.


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Call to inquire about upcoming litters.

 (+01) 561 967 1912